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Another from our files:

According to the Science Corner in Hamilton:

o Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight.

o Bats clean themselves many times a day.

o Bats are nocturnal and shy.

o Bats sleep upside-down during the day.

o Bats have good vision.

o Bats use “Echo-Location” to find nocturnal insects.

o Bats in the United States are insect-eaters.

o Bats eat one-third of their weight each night.

o Bats eat 600-1000 mosquito-sized insects/bat/night.

o Bats are an important part of nature’s scheme for controlling the insect population.

Interested in building a bat house?  One possible resource (dated?) is the Massachusetts Audubon Shop at Drumlin Farm, Lincoln (617-259-9661) for a selection of bat houses, bat kits, and related books.

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