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This boating survey of lake residents was conducted in 1990 by the Lake Assocation. Have you ever wondered about the resident boat population on Chebacco Lake?  Two CLA members (one the owner of a canoe and party barge; the other of a motorboat w/125 hp engine) decided to find out.  On Saturday, June 22, 1990 they cruised the lake between 8 and 9 a.m. and came up with the following count. Canoes: 45 at private residences, plus 7 at Gordon College and 5 at Camp Menorah.  Total: 57. Skiffs/Rowboats w/o motor: 43 at private residences plus 2 at Gordon College and 3 at camp Menorah.  Total: 48. Sailing craft (including boats and sailboards): 15 at private residences plus 4 at Camp Menorah.  Total: 19. Sculls: Total: 2. Kayaks: Total: 1. Inflatable boats: Total: 7. Paddleboats: Total: 6. Jet skis/personal watercraft: Total: 4. (Banned since 1992) “Party barges”: 1-90hp, 1-75hp, 1 w/o motor, 1-60hp, 1-55hp  1-50hp, 3-40hp, 6-35hp, 2-30hp.  Total: 17. Motorboats: *15-inboard motors 120-350hp, 1-200hp, 1-150hp, 6-140hp, 1-125hp, 3-115hp, 1-100hp, 5-90hp, 4-70hp, 1-65hp, 3-60hp, 1-40hp, 1-35hp, 1-30hp, 3-25hp, 1-20hp, 5-10hp, 3-9.9hp, 2-6hp, 2-5hp, 1-4.4hp.  Total: 61. *We designated the first category “inboard motors 120-350hp” because many of these engine sizes are not visible from the outside.  It is likely that the size ranges between 120-350hp. Note: (1) We did our best to include every type of water craft, but present this survey recognizing the possibility of minor errors or omissions.  (2) We sighted 3 additional boats on shore covered and could not determine hp.  (3) There was one motorboat w/o a motor.  (4) Some of the smaller hp boats may be electric. — submitted by Dave Lash (not sure who conducted the survey)

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