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View the pdf here: Newsletter for June 2011

In this issue:

  • Are you planning for the July 4th Boat Parade!? See parade details.
  • The Essex Music Festival will be held August 27 at Centennial Grove.
  • President Sue McLaughlin traces the rise and decline of the cabomba weed in the lake, noting mitigation steps residents can take.
  • Robyn Kanter’s Designing with Nature column discusses the tree problem caused by winter moth catapillars.
  • The Eastern Railroad was an amazing driver of the local economy a century ago. Loaded with photos, Keith Symmes’ history appears in the Yesteryear section.
  • Also: Water level monitoring goes hi-tech. Another disappointing alewife season. Fresh water mussels keep the water clean. And more.
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One Response to “Newsletter for June 2011”

  1. Regarding Sue’s cabomba article, I would just add that the cabomba has thinned dramatically in many parts of the lake. Whether this decline is a natural cycle, or a response to a severe winter, or the curtailment of nutrient loading, who can say? But it’s been a welcome change in many parts of the lake. The ongoing truth: there is no affordable, permanent intervention that would disappear the cabomba.

    Sue also mentions that Lycott predicted sedimentation from the decomposing weeds would severely choke the lake. That hasn’t happened. In fact, the Salem State researchers replicated Lycott’s initial readings and found no appreciable increase in sediment.

    All in all, we’re in much better shape on the weed issue than we’d expected 25 years ago.

    Best, Dave Lash

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