admin on February 21st, 2011

Today is Monday, February 21st — content day at as I port content from our old site and add some new stuff as well.

You will see this message appear over and over around this site until it is replaced by the real McCoy.


Dave Lash

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2 Responses to “Our new Web site & blog are in the works!”

  1. Hi Residents of Chebacco Lake,

    My husband and I just saw the movie Grown Ups… and had to google where on earth this was filmed. I grew up on the DE shore and my sister lives on the Cape… but the scenic footage captured from this film all point to Lake Chebacco. Are there any homes for rent on the lake? Could anyone kindly point me toward this direction? Thank you in advance!


  2. Hi Megan,

    You are quite the sleuth! Yes, indeed, Grown Ups was filmed here in 2009. I can’t imagine how you figured it out if from the “scenic footage.” Many lake residents were extras and the movie production company used local businesses for many services; Grown Ups was our own little stimulus program at a time when the local economy really needed a boost!

    The rental question comes up from time to time. Personally, I am not aware of any regular rentals, but a handful of residents rented their places to the movie crew so perhaps habits are changing. Our new Web site might help facilitate those connections, so thanks for posing the question.

    Meanwhile, we have a meeting Wednesday evening and I will ask then. If you have any specific parameters, I could add a post to alert the residents of your interest.

    Thanks for getting in touch!


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