admin on June 16th, 2011

In 2009, our local stimulus package was the filming on Chebacco Lake of Grownups, creating opportunity for area businesses as well as lake residents who joined the cast as extras.

After much technological hullabaloo, I’ve managed to make a set of screen captures of the movie emphasizing two aspects: scenes on or about the lake and scenes that include local extras (the big July 4th basketball game at the end of the movie).

If you have other photos you’d like added to our PhotoGallery, please send them along.

— submitted by Dave Lash

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One Response to “Photos from Adam Sandler’s Grownups”

  1. We love the lake and area from seeing it on Grownups. We are wondering about the house shown in movie. Is it available for rental?
    Also, my husband is a lake management expert. If you ever need studies or treatment of the lake, contact him – Harvey Harper of Environmental Research & Design – 407 855-9465.

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