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This issue:

  • News items around the lake
  • Spring alewife counts
  • July 4th boat parade info (below)

As part of our 30-year anniversary celebration, please join your neighbors by renewing (or beginning) your CLWA membership.

Boat parade 2013 007Boat parade info

The boat parade has been a tradition on the lake since at least the 1950’s. Back then, the boats would go around the lake carrying a few flags in the morning. Later in the day, people would dress in costumes and water ski. One man used to wear a top hat and tails while sitting on a tall stool atop a disc being pulled by a boat. The late Ray Kershaw would ski around the lake wearing a hula skirt with a couple of coconut shells tied to his chest. After dark, a man who lived on Echo Cove Road would pass out road flares to everyone in the cove who had a dock. They were lit at the same time and boats would go around carrying sparklers.
In later years, the parade changed to include participants wearing costumes and decorating their boats. Different themes and prizes were added a while back. Participation in the parade has dwindled in recent years except for the year when “Grown-Ups” was being filmed. We would like to keep this tradition going but there needs to be more entries. Join the fun and come up with an original idea to decorate your boat. It can have a patriotic theme, something related to a television or movie character, an event or anything else. There will be awards for the winners and prizes for all participants. All boats will meet on front of the beach at Centennial Grove at 1:00 PM and proceed counter-clockwise around the entire lake at a slow speed. At the finish, please wait until the awards can be handed out. We hope that it will be a good day and there will be plenty of spectators to cheer on the boats from shore. In case of bad weather, call 978-468-7715 before noon that day.




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Articles this issue:

  • Making preparations for the July 4th boat parade
  • Notes from around the lake
  • Alewife counts are up this year
  • CLWA membership is up
  • Landscaping for a healthy lake
  • Boating safety tips, and more!

Have a great and safe summer, everyone!

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Our own Jim Dooner has created a summary of key safety requirements and recommendations from Federal, State, and Coast Guard guidelines. Brush up! Remind the kids! Model good habits! And speak up if you see unsafe practices!

Here’s Jim’s summary: http://www.chebaccolake.org/boating-safety/

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This boating survey of lake residents was conducted in 1990 by the Lake Assocation. Have you ever wondered about the resident boat population on Chebacco Lake?  Two CLA members (one the owner of a canoe and party barge; the other of a motorboat w/125 hp engine) decided to find out.  On Saturday, June 22, 1990 they cruised the lake between 8 and 9 a.m. and came up with the following count. Canoes: 45 at private residences, plus 7 at Gordon College and 5 at Camp Menorah.  Total: 57. Skiffs/Rowboats w/o motor: 43 at private residences plus 2 at Gordon College and 3 at camp Menorah.  Total: 48. Sailing craft (including boats and sailboards): 15 at private residences plus 4 at Camp Menorah.  Total: 19. Sculls: Total: 2. Kayaks: Total: 1. Inflatable boats: Total: 7. Paddleboats: Total: 6. Jet skis/personal watercraft: Total: 4. (Banned since 1992) “Party barges”: 1-90hp, 1-75hp, 1 w/o motor, 1-60hp, 1-55hp  1-50hp, 3-40hp, 6-35hp, 2-30hp.  Total: 17. Motorboats: *15-inboard motors 120-350hp, 1-200hp, 1-150hp, 6-140hp, 1-125hp, 3-115hp, 1-100hp, 5-90hp, 4-70hp, 1-65hp, 3-60hp, 1-40hp, 1-35hp, 1-30hp, 3-25hp, 1-20hp, 5-10hp, 3-9.9hp, 2-6hp, 2-5hp, 1-4.4hp.  Total: 61. *We designated the first category “inboard motors 120-350hp” because many of these engine sizes are not visible from the outside.  It is likely that the size ranges between 120-350hp. Note: (1) We did our best to include every type of water craft, but present this survey recognizing the possibility of minor errors or omissions.  (2) We sighted 3 additional boats on shore covered and could not determine hp.  (3) There was one motorboat w/o a motor.  (4) Some of the smaller hp boats may be electric. — submitted by Dave Lash (not sure who conducted the survey) wellington-capital-group.com

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